ICEA - Eco Bio Cosmesi

Eco-Friendly Cosmetics certified by ICEA are obtained:
• without the prohibited substances specified in the appropriate list
• Without GMO’s
• Without ionizing radiation
• With certified organic vegetable and animal materials whenever available.


1. Certification of Eco-Friendly Cosmetics
2. Agreement Icea - Lav "Stop Animal Testing"
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Agreement Icea - Lav "Stop Animal Testing"

LAV, Lega Anti Vivisezione - anti vivisection league- (www.lav.it) , together with others european associations for animal rights, promotes the campaign “Stop ai test su animali” -stop animal testing- to avoid the sale of cosmetics tested on animals.

In order to make more aware of the theme and to involve the companies of this sector, a new label Stop ai test su animali - "Stop Animal Testing" - has been created.

It is granted in Italy by LAV to the products conforming to the Human Cosmetics Standard.

The Standard sets the criteria to avoid the increase of animal experimentation for cosmetics, and guarantees a  “cruelty free”- oriented company policy.

It was finalized by the most important associations for Animal Rights of the world, guided by the European Coalition against vivisection (ECEAE-www.eceae.org). LAV is the Italian member and is the unique subject qualified for using the logo that increases the value of the products and the companies that meet requirements of the Standard itself.

Almost 150 companies  all over the world have already agreed to the Standard. They commit themselves in not practicing and in not making practice animal experimentation of final products and ingredients.

From 2004 on, LAV approves the agreeing firms only after a positive result of the audits, carried out by ICEA.

LAV authorizes the use in the label of the European logo of the coalition and/or the wording : “Stop ai test animali – Controllato ICEA per LAV n°….” – “Stop animal testing – Controlled by ICEA for LAVn°…”


  •          Qualify and increase the value of the policy and of commercial, business and personal choices oriented to a non recourse and a decrease of animal experimentation.
  •          Provide suitable guarantees regarding the respect of the valued requirements, to consumers, to the general market and to the others interested parts.

Area Managers:

For ICEA: Dott. Alessandro Spadoni – cosmetici@icea.info

For LAV: Dott.ssa Michela Kuan – m.kuan@lav.it

Lav Regulation for the firms - Attachments:

    The complete list of companies controlled for LAV is available on the page SEARCH PRODUCTS AND COMPANIES, of this website



    ICEA Cosmetics Check

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    Il programma è disponibile per gli utenti registrati al seguente link (Versione 1.2 - 19MB).

    I prerequisiti sono:
    • piattaforma windows
    • 24MB ram
    • 12MB di disco disponibile

    Per registrarsi, andare al seguente link.

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